Virage Community Services is a family owned business that was established in 2009. Our staff works directly with employers and the individuals we have placed with employment , so that everyone involved has a common goal towards successful outcomes.

Virage prides itself in the training and focused direction given to our clients.The job market has changed tremendously . In order to keep up with the demands, training and leadership has become mandatory. When we work with our clients and employers everyone is considered important, and individualized. We truly value each and every individual involved in this process.

Virage Community Services
  When you need staff we are there!
Neisha & Carnell Jackson have an vast amount of experience and education in social services and job development. In 2009, they decided to return to New Orleans and help with a much needed service.

Helping others has always been a passion for them ,so it was only natural Virage Community Services came into effect.

Virage is a french term meaning to turn around or bend in another direction,  which is exactly what our company intends to do for our clients "turn their lives around".
2045 Lakeshore Dr. Suite 405, New Orleans, LA 70122                         Office: 504-298-8675

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